May 19, 2012

Baby Shower Invitations

I really miss my friend, although we both have a different life now but we still have the communication. I am so lucky to have her because even though we live far from each other she always there for me no matter what. Right now that she is pregnant she still makes effort to call me every week and I really appreciate her call because when I have problems she is always there to listen to me. She never disappoint me and she is just a nice person. How, I wish I can do the baby shower invitations for her but I really do not have time because I am just too busy with work. I know that she understands me so she keep telling not to bother about it. I might talk to my cousin that lives near from her to do it for me. So, I think that is the perfect idea actually that might work. Oh yeah why not I am going to told them to give her a surprise baby shower. She does not have much family around where she live right now but there is a friend and a cousin of mine that can makes her fell special on that . Next time around I am sure I am going to make it up for her. Right now I have lots of stuff going on in my house and at work. I almost do not have time for myself so will see if I can visit her someday when my work schedule will not be hectic. Anyway, if you know someone looking for baby shower invitations I will recommend you to check out the link above. The website offer amazing invitation. So, what are you waiting for? check it out right now for more information. Thanks for the visit and you all have a good one see you for more update.


Gosh, I want to do something but my baby is trowing tantrums. I let her go few minutes ago but she will not stay in one place she pull out every stuff that she can reach and when I tried getting it from her she will run and cry. She in the stage of terrible two even though she is just one year old. I think she is so smart she knows how to get mommy attention. I know that she will stop crying in few minutes so I will let her cry until she is done. I am somewhat tired so I do not really want to listen her whine. I guess I need to take a nap with the girls so that when we wake up were all happy. I am not sure if the want something to eat right now I know the just have snack so I have to wait hour or so before I feed them again. You all have a goodnight and thanks for the visit.

April 9, 2012

Metal tile

We were going to renovate the house pretty soon so I am super excited. I am the one incharge what the house will look likes so I already write all the stuff that I want. I still need to double check the price of metal tiles to see if I can find another good deals so I am going to do that later after I get done with all the chores.

I might check out also stainless steel tiles because that is the stuff that I want for the house so I really hope we can afford it. My hubby pretty much agree what I want so I guess it is not really a big deal as long you know it is in our budget.

I know working in the house will going to give us busy schedule but I do not care because hard work always paid for. Anyway, if you are looking for metal tiles I will recommend you to check out the link that provided above thanks.

April 8, 2012

Not Sure

I am not really sure what I fell right now all I know I am mad which is I am sure if you are in my situation you will understand where I am coming from. It is somewhat hard to forgive someone when they keep doing the mistake over and over without learning from it.

Everyone is not perfect so I guess it is hard to judge. I just hope that she manage herself well because I do not want her you know to have a miserable life when she grows up.

I guess I have to deal with it because it is part of my life. I need to smile the problem so that I will not get old fast. You all have a good one!

April 6, 2012

Free Links

My sister had fun for sure because she spends two weeks vacation in our homeland. Oh well, she deserves that vacation because she works hard everyday. How, I wish I can take a vacation soon so that I can see my family again. Well, see what will happen in the next few months it might happen you know if we have enough money.

Anyway, I know that she is pretty busy because she is getting ready to go back so we cannot chat for sure because her plan got screwed. I suppose I can check out free link exchange so that I can build more traffic. It would be fun actually if I can manage my blog again because I know I do not have time lately to update my stuff. If you are looking for traffic for your website I will suggests you to build links or try a free links because it helps a lot to get traffic. So, just check out the link above for more information. Thanks for the visit and you all have a good day and happy easter all. See you for more update.

March 19, 2012

Double Glazing Prices

Since I move into this house the first thing I notice is the window and door they are not in a great shape because the house is little bit old. My hubby and I talk about replacing them someday when we have enough money. He will going to be busy pretty soon so we can afford to replace them since that is our priority if we have the money that we need.

I know that we needed to replace them pretty so I need to check out double glazing prices because I like that kind of window and door in the house. I really hope that I can find a good deal so that we can budget our money and plan to purchase it and install it as soon as possible.

Anyway, if you know someone looking for double glazing prices I will recommend you to check out the link that provided above. Time for me to do some errands my girls are been requesting me to read them a book. I really need to double my time since I am going to work pretty soon. You all have a good one and thanks for the visit.

Through a lot...

My hubby and I have been through a lot since yesterday. I am so tired and I need enough rest in order to get the energy I have. Oh well, I know it will be ok but it will going to be a long journey for us since the girls put us into the situation that supposed to be were not dealing it right now if they listen what the told them all the time.

I guess no one is perfect in order to learn from the mistake you have to experience it. It is been a long day for me and I need to go to work. My girls are not getting enough attention from me because I have to catch up a lot of stuff I have been so busy with work and a lot of stuff.

I really hope that next week my work schedule will change a little bit so that I do not have to work six days a week. Anyway, you all have a good one.